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4 Factors You Can't Ignore When Introducing IoT to Your Business

11 October, 2019

To understand the impact of IoT in the service and maintenance industry, we need to turn our focus away from the sensors and data. Instead, let’s explore the new workloads and cash flow it can create.

Three Reasons to Use a Payment Processing System in Your Field Service Business

8 October, 2019

Do you have an easy method for customers to pay you for your services? If not, you may want to take a close look at the way you accept payments and how you can improve.

4 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Asset Management

8 October, 2019

Every business can benefit from spring-cleaning their processes - especially when it comes to customer assets.

simPRO Update: Supplier quote imports and Middy’s automation

4 October, 2019

The first simPRO update for Q4 2019 will roll out from October 6. The update reduces the time you spend adding supplier quote pricing, catalogues and invoices into simPRO.

simPRO Steps Up for Steptember 2019

3 October, 2019

Last month, nine teams from across simPRO’s four offices participated in the 2019 Steptember Ten Thousand Step Challenge.

Putting their best feet forward, our simPEEPs pounded the pavement in a mass fundraising effort for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. An organisation that supports those affected by the condition to live more independently.

With a spring in their step, our teams of ‘sole mates' attempted the challenge of achieving ten thousand steps every day in September.

A pro in his field: Rick Lan celebrates 10 years at simPRO

3 October, 2019

Imagine it’s the year 2009. You own an iPhone 3GS, you’ve finally made the switch from Myspace to Facebook and Google has just launched real-time search.

A lot can change in a decade, especially in the world of technology and software.

One person who knows this better than anyone, is simPRO API Team Lead, Rick Lan, who has just celebrated 10 years working for the company.

simPRO dominates NECA Awards season

3 October, 2019

Our electrical customers lit up the 2019 NECA awards season with winners in a range of categories across QLD, NSW and SA.

5 Ways to Keep Your Technicians Happy

2 October, 2019

We often hear our customers say that one of their top business goals is to create an environment where staff WANT to come to work. A large part of that staff includes field technicians.

Manage Projects with Pre-Existing Systems

30 September, 2019

Expanding into project work and taking on bigger jobs doesn't require the hefty price tag of brand new software.

If you're using software to handle your business, you could already have much of the project functionality you're looking for, at your fingertips.

3 key features of the cloud that protect businesses from cyber attacks

26 September, 2019

Whether it's cybercriminals engaged in making money through fraud, competitors interested in gaining an economic advantage, or employees misusing the sensitive data they have access to, the threat to a business's data security can arise from several sources.