Bank on a better cash flow

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Jobs complete. Invoices sent.

Our trusty field tech Adam waits… with eyes on a bank balance that remains stubbornly unchanged.

Because he's got bills to pay and a business to run (it isn’t child’s play), Adam needs his customers to pay – and promptly.

He can’t be wasting his time chasing late payments. He can’t be struggling to operate with a cash flow that’s disgustingly slow. There’s just got to be a better way to get paid!

If Adam’s cumbersome cash crisis sounds at all familiar to you, odds are you’ve also sought a better way for your customers to pay – ideally one that'll have them paying on time, every time.

The good news is that there is a better way. In fact; there are four better ways.

Watch Adam’s story to find out more.

Four quick and easy ways for your customers to pay

With simPRO Payments, Adam’s customers can pay him with a credit card quickly and securely on site after a job is complete, online through the simPRO Customer Portal, by following a link in an emailed invoice, or over the phone, where Adam can enter payment info directly into simPRO.

All payments are processed through the simPRO Payments system, making for a seamless transaction without the need for bank merchant accounts.

And by offering his customers four quick and easy ways to pay, it's more likely Adam will be paid on time for the work he’s done, keeping his cash flowing and business running smoothly.

Read more about simPRO Payments, including how you can enable it within your own simPRO system, here.