BLUi primed for growth

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It was two years ago when Boz sat down with his wife and mapped out their dreams. They soon realised that if their two girls were to attend a nice school, if they were to own a house, two cars and travel annually the business needed to grow.

We went to visit Boz at his new office. So new in fact the staff hadn’t even moved in yet.

Until recently BLUi Security has operated from Boz’s garage. Already realising the value of utilising technology in business, they’d been using various Google products to juggle jobs and processes as best they could. It became obvious an upgrade was imminent.

Ramping things up

The decision was made to implement simPRO Enterprise. It wasn’t long before a new office, a new tech on the road with a new van and a new sales exec were employed to take things up a gear.

“Quotes are going out faster, jobs are finishing sooner and costs are being measured.” Bozidar Jovanovic

These guys are no strangers to technology. Even the fresh new office already had gadgets everywhere. With the click of a button the whole office could be locked, air-conditioning disabled, lights off… you name it.

As a business, the emphasis for BLUi is to provide the ultimate solution first time, every time. Together with specialised, complete, integrated solutions, it means there’s little room for error.

Personally, Boz dreams of taking his family on an overseas holiday. He can see now it’s within reach.

Boz admits he’s learning as he goes but he’s certainly got the right attitude and the future is bright.

We look forward to following Boz on his journey of growth as he expands his operations and hones the business to being a competitive force in the industry. We’ll revisit Boz once his office is in order and/or he’s been on that overseas trip.

For more information on BLUi Security, visit their website or call 1300 941 946.