The freedom to create multiple streams of income

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We previously met John not long after he’d implemented simPRO. His focus back then was to build a strong team culture to keep the momentum of his electrical business running at a steady pace.

Well...job done!

All is now well in the workshop and on the job. Each day John gives the team a call, checking in to keep a strong relationship with his employees, and to keep his finger on the pulse.

And of course, a well deserved cruise ship holiday with the family was ticked off the to-do list.

Now, it’s often said that to create wealth, one needs to generate multiple streams of income. This has been written about extensively in popular business books such as the ‘eMyth’ and the ‘Four Hour Work Week’.

Well, our latest catch up with John revealed something we’re seeing more and more often: business owners using simPRO are able to find the freedom to venture into other projects.

John also holds a builders license. As a partner in a construction business, and with the freedom simPRO provides, he’s now able to accept building projects and work with family and fellow developers.

“Now I’ve got simPRO in the office, everyone knows what they’re doing so I can go out and tackle some development projects with the family.” John Libroaperto | L&L Electrical Division P/L

John is now able to handle multiple projects on the go while not being caught up behind the desk back at L&L.