Starting from scratch to disrupt the tyre industry

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From corporate to the trades

The story of Road Runner Mobile Tyres is quite different to the Journey case studies we’ve done before. In fact it's the opposite to that of a tradie-turned-business owner.

John Shim and Steve McCarthy have known each other for more than ten years, both fresh from a long career in a corporate environment. Backed by an extensive history in consulting and running much larger companies John and Steve decided it was now or never to begin a startup, and what a disruptive startup it is.

Disrupting the tyre industry

The tyre industry is not one known for it’s innovation in the delivery of customer service. Road Runner Mobile Tyres are doing something about that by making it ALL about customer service. It seems to be something of a trend among our Journey-goers. The service brings tyre fitting and repairs to you, at home, at work or wherever you decide, whenever you’d like them to be there between 6am and 9pm.

“There are some pretty colourful characters in the world of tyres. There’s usually a reason why there’s a big wall between the customer and the people doing the work. We wouldn’t hire anyone we wouldn’t send to our mother's place.” Steve McCarthy

A platform for growth

Currently covering Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with a staff of fifteen people and seven vans on the road, John and Steve aim to grow the business nationwide. That's where the software comes in. To deliver consistently high quality customer service with a growing fleet of vans an integrated, reliable platform is essential. The simTRAC, simPRO, Xero trifecta are at the heart of the operation.

A few of us here at simPRO head office in Brisbane have already used the service and can attest to it's convenience. Simply pay over the phone and organise a time for them to carry out the work, while you're at work. It's highly recommended.

In the following two-part video series John and Steve explain how they went about identifying the market opportunity, raising capital and getting underway.

We'd like to thank the guys at Road Runner Mobile Tyres for their time and look forward to returning for the next update.

Part 1

Part 2