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Project management software for contractors

Keep your projects and your profits on track from start to finish

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Easily manage multi-stage projects
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Keep control of project costs and variations
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Take the complexity out of project invoicing

Keep your projects on track

Manage complex projects confidently with simPRO. Schedule entire teams and equipment with just one click, live track your project’s progress and control your costs for better profits.

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Manage multi-stage projects with ease

Estimate, schedule and invoice at each stage of a project. Having a work breakdown structure ensures you can complete every stage of the project efficiently and cost-effectively.

Simplify variations, including approvals, cost control and resource management and invoicing. Avoid under-claiming projects, with accurate WIP reporting helping you understand costs to date.

Track your actual project costs from the moment the job is underway. See your estimated costs versus your actual costs updated in real time at any stage of the job, guiding you to make the right decisions at critical times.

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Real-time project tracking

Once your project is underway, monitor its progress in real time with a complete project overview. Or take advantage of Gantt charts for a visual overview of your project.

Report on everything from materials and resources to purchase orders, contractor work orders and customer invoices. Keep track of committed, recognised and forecasted costs.

With this vital information at your fingertips, you can keep your project on track and ensure it’s completed at the highest quality, delivered on time and on budget.

If you’re managing multiple projects, the Cost to Complete report can help you keep it simple, showing you your estimates versus actual costs and forecast remaining for every project.

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Streamlined purchasing

Once you've identified the parts you’ll need for a project, you can easily request detailed supplier quotes for project pricing based on your bill of materials.

Set due dates for orders, and see on one screen which orders have been delivered and receipted and which are outstanding or overdue – for all stages of a project.

Streamline your purchasing

Save time on project invoicing

Create deposits, requests for claim, progress claims and retention claims in minutes, not hours, as they are quickly and easily populated with all relevant job data.

Claim selected project stages and choose whether you use a schedule of rates or percentages for each invoice.

Once your invoice is created, you can simply email it to your customers from simPRO, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be paid on time.

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“The great thing about simPRO is it follows a system, so you just follow the system.”

Andrew & Prue Aranovitch from Mr A Electrics

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