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Enjoy less disruptions to workflows with simPRO VoIP phone integration

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Seamless VoIP phone integration capability
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Hardware and telecom provider agnostic
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Reduce reliance on hardware dependency
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Boost productivity and customer service
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Choose your own telco provider
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VoIP integration with simPRO is free*

*Pricing is as per your existing VoIP plan - the integration is free within simPRO Enterprise.

Seamlessly call customers, employees, contractors or suppliers from simPRO

Our new VoIP capability allows customers to enjoy a raft of built-in benefits that work seamlessly for businesses.

Without the need for expensive hardware or unnecessary landlines, VoIP in simPRO allows for a more cost-effective and unified telephony service with only a simple headset required.

When a simPRO customer with VoIP enabled receives a call, there are incoming call notifications via the browser as well as Caller IDs for known phone numbers in simPRO. Standard telephone functionality including on-hold and re-directs can be utilised with VoIP in simPRO.

Boost productivity and customer service capability by utilising the seamless benefits of integrating your existing VoIP plans in simPRO.

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Replace traditional phone calling with VoIP in simPRO

As a modern day tool, VoIP is known to increase employee productivity, service, ease of use and a reduction on hardware dependency via the use of web phones.

An easy to use simPRO VoIP interface now allows for seamless integration and customers can integrate with their existing VoIP plans via a built-in web phone.

simPRO’s VoIP capability is hardware and telecom provider agnostic, meaning you can choose your own telco providers and start using VoIP now to save time and increase efficiency.

Use the phone and internet concurrently at your desk, without the need for a desk handset.

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VoIP integration in simPRO is free

The pricing for VoIP integration in simPRO for customers is as per existing VoIP plans for businesses, yet the integration is provided completely FREE.

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